The KPS Family

A celebrated name in the diamond world, KP Sanghvi saw a vision in the beauty of stones. The legendary story of the KP Sanghvi group began in 1965 when the visionaries Mr. Hajarimalji Sanghvi and Mr. Babulalji Sanghvi laid the foundation of the company on ethics, trust, foresight and hard work.

With a deep passion for diamonds, KP Sanghvi gloriously carried on the legacy guided by the insights and leadership of its nine directors, making a mark with their exceptional beauty cuts. Over the years, KP Sanghvi has been valued all over the diamond world for their brilliant quality, marvellous innovation and superior services. Later, KP Sanghvi added another endeavour and ventured into the world of Infrastructure. And the road that was constructed to venture into infrastructure proved fruitfully sweet.

Other than being exemplary at a global scale, KP Sanghvi has been creating value and wealth in consumer lives. With a strong faith in values and ethics KP Sanghvi firmly believes in the power of people by investing, protecting and drawing opportunities for their excellence. And with their gems of values, KP Sanghvi continues to pilot the diamond industry and soon plan to overtake the world of construction and real estate.